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My new cell stuff. The two dust plugs and the hello kitty case are all from Amazon. That cool purple and white case is from eBay.. Right now I am blinging with the HK case and the heart dust plug.. So cute!!!! The HK dust plug is to long so I’m not going to use it much.

You guys....


It would really mean a lot to me if you unfollowed the blog. I can’t close the account until most of you unfollow.

I’ve seen all of your messages but I can’t respond to them cuz I’m trying to let go of the blog and just let things be.

I do apologize if you guys feel bad that…

I can’t believe I have to unfollow such a great blog…. whoever had some hate campaign against cakebar is a douche… a sad lonely sack of ass, that just has to get their hits in, in the lowest way possible. 

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